“This clay, this rich earth, so abundant all over the world under our feet, holds a beautiful dream in it I think to myself, a beautiful dream that only I can see.”

     ~ Nader Khalili

Welcome to Dougherty Clayworks

The goal for all of my clay work, whether it’s architectural, functional or decorative pottery, is to enrich the visual environment and, in some way, rise above the mundane which has permeated all aspects of our culture and times. My intent is to heighten and stimulate the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts the work has upon the viewer and user. I believe the quality of our surroundings and the objects we use has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. It has become my life’s work in clay to contribute positively in achieving those ends.  Patrick Dougherty has been working with clay since 1973 and has been a full time studio potter since 1986. His studio is in Lower Price Hill, Cincinnati Ohio.